CARS OnDemand offers the Best Automotive Technical Training for your Shop

Sample five CARS OnDemand lessons today - No Credit Card Needed!

  • Automotive Engine Oil (I045-01): Keeping your customer’s vehicle maintained with the recommended type of engine oil is an important step in proper preventive maintenance. This lesson will be reviewing different configurations of engine oils and their correct operation in the internal combustion engine for lubricating, cooling, cleaning and protecting components.
  • Computerized Charging Systems (U025-01): This lesson illustrates computerized charging systems, specifically highlighting Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Hyundai computer controlled charging systems and modes of operation.
  • Finding and Selling what Vehicles Need - Introduction for Shops with Technicians (S060-01): An owner wants to grow the business and sell more to current customers. How is this done? Why are sales being missed in the first place? A blueprint on what must occur to achieve sales growth
  • Ford EcoBoost Engine Family (TG122-01): Ford Motor Company has introduced the EcoBoost family of engines to increase low-end engine torque and high-end engine performance. Demos will explain how to diagnose lack of power concerns using hand tools, scan tool data and an oscilloscope.
  • R1234yf Refrigerant (A040-01): Why has R-1234yf been adopted over the familiar R-134a, and how this will affect air conditioning service routines? There are new components, service procedures and tools that need to be addressed to safely service an A/C system equipped with R-1234yf.

CARS Complete offers your shop:

  • CARS OnDemand: over 400 lessons of online video-based automotive technical and business-related training content, constantly being updated to meet the ever-growing needs of our industry
  • TIA Basic ATS Tire Certificate Training: access to the Tire Industry Association's Basic ATS Level 200 tire certificate program
  • HRAI's CFC Air Conditioning Certification Training: access to CFC certification training, required by law for ALL shop members who handle, store or work with A/C refrigerant
  • CARSability Needs Assessment Tool: an industry-unique participant assessment tool, allowing you to highlight strengths and pinpoint opportunities for improvement in over 30 different aftermarket occupations
  • CARS Technician Assistance Center: telephone-based technician support hotline, assisting with the successful resolution of vehicle issues from diagnosis to repair

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  • Month-to-Month: $150 per month, plus applicable taxes
  • Annual: 5% discounted rate of $1,710 per 12 month period, plus applicable taxes

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