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Communication (R060) - 1 lesson
People in every organization in the world complain about COMMUNICATION! Yet we communicate every day of our lives in many ways to many others – is it really that complicated? Or are we just not paying attention. Good communication means understanding and practising the basics every day. But more than that, the benefits in service quality, customer satisfaction, employee morale and the bottom line are surprisingly large for this small investment in time and people.
Creating a Culture of Customer Care (R035) - 2 lessons
To survive and succeed all businesses must get customers, keep those customers, and inspire those customers to refer other people and businesses to become new customers. This ‘inspiration’ is a result of a favourable customer experience. This course looks at a central set of ‘values’ or ‘truths’ that must be woven into the corporate culture of the business to facilitate higher repeat customer and referral rates. This course DOES NOT deal with the necessary leadership skills to maintain this culture as this is a separate component. What this course does do however is provide gifted leaders with a sound strategy for managing and developing an outstanding culture of customer service. The course will show the participant what must be constantly ‘poured’ into the culture to maintain great customer service.
Customer Service Essentials (R025) - 1 lesson
When you are in the service business, you’re in the business of providing solutions for your customer’s needs. Great customer service starts with listening and ends with follow up. However, if we don’t first hear and understand what the customer’s needs are, the solution we provide won’t be the right one. In today’s highly competitive automotive service industry it is imperative we treat every customer right each and every time they come to do business with us.Customers make a judgment about your organization in those first crucial seconds, through your front line staff either over the phone or in person. They also assess your shop’s professional appearance, environment, mood, the quality of your work and how they feel about the way they are treated by shop employees. This course will walk each participant through customer service essentials in the diagnosis, repair and maintenance process, beginning with the initial customer contact through to the post repair and follow-up.
Customer Service Skills (R030) - 1 lesson
Are you up for a challenge? How would you rate your customer skills? This course will show you how to deliver extra-ordinary customer service and develop a personal strategy for ensuring that your customers receive friendly and caring service.
Diversity in the Work Place (R037) - 1 lesson
Canada has one of the most diverse working populations in the world and with a rapidly changing global economy, it has never been more important to truly understand one another. Diversity is good for business as it wins customers from varied backgrounds and also improves workplace morale. How do we promote an inclusive atmosphere at work where there are various ethnicities, generations, degrees of physical ability, sexual orientations, social groups and cultures? How do we attract customers from wide-ranging origins to our place of business that occupy our neighbourhoods? It is not an easy task. This course will attempt to encourage all employees regardless of origin, culture or age to think about diversity in the workplace in a way that will acknowledge, address and sensitively overcome long standing stereotypes and generalizations of all types of people.
Frontline Staff Essentials - Engines, Lubrication, Cooling and HVAC (RC060) - 1 lesson
Frontline staff fulfill an essential role in an auto-shop; they are the conduit between customer and technician. Well educated frontline staff present a professional image to customers, while helping to make efficient use of a technician’s time. Frontline staff can make all the difference to a successfully run shop. This course is designed to educate frontline staff with a working knowledge of automotive technical fundamentals and improve customer relations. Upon successful completion of this lesson, participants will learn to effectively communicate customer service requirements and technician findings relating to engines, lubrication, cooling, and heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
Inspection Process (R055) - 1 lesson
Today’s automotive service customer is well educated and has a variety of options when it comes to choosing the facility that will perform their vehicle’s maintenance and service requirements. No matter what type of service department you work in, this module is going to help you understand the importance of the vehicle inspection process from beginning to end as well as the value of accurate and efficient communication/information between advisors, technicians and customers.
Professional Phone Skills (R045) - 1 lesson
Does your business stand apart from all the others when it comes to telephone communication? Do you give your customers a great experience each and every time they pick up the phone to do business with you? Do you give them a reason to want to call back? Do you make it personal? Whether you work on the phone all day greeting customers, taking their orders, selling, handling requests or simply use it for routine communication, this course will help you make the most out of every call.
Relationship Building (R062) - 1 lesson
Own your customers before your competition does. Every customer wants to feel special, know they are well served and not charged too much. Building good relationships with your customers will improve loyalty, repeat business and your bottom line. Participants will learn practical and tested techniques for building good customer relationships in face- to-face, telephone, e-mail and written service situations. Defend against “price is the only thing” competitors by building good customer relationships.
Technical Information for Frontline Staff (RC050) - 5 lessons
This course teaches fundamental principles of engines, lubrication, cooling, and heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) systems to the front line staff. Understanding these concepts will enable front line staff to effectively understand the customer concerns, explain the needed repairs and recommend the appropriate maintenance service for each system with customers and technicians.
Technical Information for Frontline Truck Staff (RC051) - 2 lessons
This lesson will help educate your front line service advisors and improve your customer relations regarding diesel engine inquiries. Customers will trust and appreciate an advisor who understands their vehicle’s concern and can relay that to the technician to get the job fixed right the first time. This makes efficient use of the technician’s valuable time and the customer will receive a better level of service for their money.
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