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CARS Training Network Inc.
CARS Training Network Inc ("CTNI") is an independently owned corporation servicing the automotive aftermarket's human resource needs.  CTNI is an industry leader in automotive training and delivery. We develop, produce and deliver all of our services in-house, providing a complete "turn-key" service to clients.

PlaysOnEverything.JPGIn the mid 1990's, CTNI launched "CARS Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)", a live satellite-television training service.  CARS IDL broadcasted scheduled training content weekly to automotive locations across the country. 

In 2006,  CTNI migrated to the Internet with the launch of "CARS OnDemand".  CARS OnDemand provides over 400 video-based training lessons over the Internet, through an on-demand basis that best suits participants schedules.  Students can log-in at any time of the day, from any location, to access industry leading automotive training, without the need for specialized hardware or receive equipment. 

In 2013, CARS OnDemand again broadened its delivery scope, providing training delivery to mobile platforms including tablets such at the Apple iPad, and smartphones including iPhone and Android.    OnDemand participants are able to take training "on-the-go", accessing lessons where ever they happen to be!









CTNI's Training Tools

CARS OnDemand: state-of-the-art technical training aimed at the certified technician, as well as training for entry level technicians. Our programs include small business management, domestic and imported automotive training, light, medium and heavy duty truck training, tire specialist training.

Training lessons are presented in one to two hour video-based instruction. All lessons include supplementary training materials, including Student Learning Guides and Exams that augment the learning experience.

Students can choose to participate in hundreds of training programs, at a schedule that best suits their needs. Programs are OnDemand; they can be taken at any time at the shop, at home, wherever the student wishes to learn.

Participants have the option to pause, repeat or skip through a lesson.  Training can be "bookmarked", allowing students to continue the lesson from the same point in the broadcast at a later time - even from a different computer.

CARS OnDemand Course Categories and Streams
Below are a selection of some of the lesson streams offered through CARS OnDemand.

Automotive Technical Lesson Streams

Customer Service / Management Lesson Streams

Air Conditioning Specialist

Business Management

Body Electrical Specialist

Customer Relations

Brake Specialist

Financial Practices

Chassis Electrical Specialist

Legal Matters

Chassis Specialist

Office Administration

Emissions Specialist

Legal Matters

Engine Electrical Specialist


Engine Mechanical Specialist

Office Administration

Hybrid Technologies Specialist

Operations Management

Inspection and Installation

Personal Computers

Powertrain Specialist


Rim and Tire Specialist

Light and Medium Duty Truck Lesson Streams

Small Engines Specialist

Truck Air Conditioning Specialist


Truck Brake Specialist

ASE Preparation

Truck Diesel Engines Specialist

ASE Test Preparation Series

Truck Electrical Accessories Specialist


Truck Gasoline Engines Specialist


Truck Inspection and Maintenance

CARS OnDemand's training lessons are hosted by licensed technicians with years of real-world aftermarket experience. 
CARS OnDemand is created completely in-house, from training content to Learning Management System (LMS) development.  Lessons are written and produced in our dedicated, professional film studios, outfitted with the latest and most relevant automotive technologies and equipment present in auto shops today. 
CARS OnDemand is delivered through our proprietary Learning Management System.  CTNI's LMS tracks student records, training histories and allows for custom reporting functionality.   CARS OnDemand's LMS is developed and supported completely in-house, allowing us to customize functionality to best suit customers' needs.   

While our system can be utilized as a complete, turn-key LMS solution, we also have extensive experience with third-party database integration. 

CARSability: CTNI's proprietary online skills gap and training needs assessment tool, providing skills assessments in over 34 occupations in the automotive aftermarket.

Collision Damage Repair Technician

Automotive Service Technician

Automotive Paint Technician

Parts Counterperson

Glass Installer

Forklift Service Technician

Collision Repair Advisor/Estimator

Scheduler/Control Tower Operator

Collision Repair Manager

Advanced Hybrid Technician

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

Parts Delivery Driver

Automotive Machine Shop Technician

Service Manager

New/Used Vehicle Salesperson

Parts Manager

Small Engine Technician/Outdoor Power Equipment Technician

General Manager/Business Operator

New/Used Vehicle Sales Manager

Alignment and Brake Technician

Administrative/Clerical Staff/Customer Receptionist

Truck and Coach/Transport Service Technician

Farm Equipment Technician

Customer Relations Specialist

Office Manager

Automotive Electrical Accessory Technician

Shop Foreman/Mentor Coach

Motorcycle Technician

Transmission Technician

Rim and Tire Technician

Automotive Customizing Technician

Fuel and Electrical/Electronics Technician

Parts Sales Consultant

Truck/Trailer Service Technician

The CARSability Skills Assessment tool is the result of  four years of development, consulting with over one thousand industry representatives.  Assessment questions were developed in each of the occupations by teams of experts specializing in their fields. 

CARSability provides a random assessment to participants each time, based on the question database and proprietary algorithms that ensure content is properly "weighted".  For example, if a task in a given occupation represents 20% of the typical workday, CARSability's random assessments would focus 20% of its questions on this task. 
It is important to note that CARSability provides assessments, not "tests".  A participant cannot pass or fail an assessment.   After completion, CARSability provides specific, personalized training recommendations to address identified needs areas, allowing participants to focus their training time on the content that will maximize results. 





CARS Technical Assistance Center (TAC): The heart of the CARS TAC service is a live, telephone-based Technician support service.  Subscribers can call into the CARS Technical Assistance Center for automotive help from our team of experts.  CTNI's technical assistance agents are licensed Class "A" and ASE certified automotive technicians, each with years of real-world experience in all major makes and models. 

The CARS TAC Center provides problem resolutions from initial vehicle diagnosis to successful repair.  CARS TAC Agents are available to assist you 100% of the way through diagnosis and repair, providing wiring diagrams and trouble code charts in addition to live diagnostic assistance.

TAC Online
In addition to telephone-based assistance, participants can reference our extensive case histories via the Internet with CARS' TAC Online.  Searching by vehicle year, make and model, participants can review case histories, TAC Agent recommendations and confirmed resolutions.  TAC Online will also recommend related CARS OnDemand training to help provide a more thorough understanding of the repair concepts. 

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