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Financial Practices
Accounting Basics (F003) - 1 lesson
Are you tired of not understanding the cash flow of your business or wanting to grow your business but not sure what the financial status is of your current operations, This course teaches the fundamental accounting principles and bookkeeping tips for non financial people. Participants will learn the basics of accounting and bookkeeping.
Accounting for Non-Accountants (F002) - 4 lessons
Maintaining an accurate record of cash inflows and outflows is critical when determining the success of your business. This course provides the non-accountant with a fundamental look at recording daily transactions.
Budgeting/Forecasting /Cashflow (MF050) - 1 lesson
How much money is your shop going to make this year? This course is all about looking ahead and planning for financial success in the future. Accurate planning and goal setting involves a firm understanding of the concepts behind budgeting, forecasting and cash flow. How you organize your financial resources to achieve your business goals is just as important as your goals.
Financial Management Reporting (F040) - 1 lesson
Do you know on a timely basis what your bottom line is and how you got there? Are you being proactive and strategic with your company’s financial information? This course teaches you how to understand what it takes to get you on a computerized system so you can become more proactive and strategic. Whether you are a financial or non financial person you will enjoy this course.
Financial Statements Analysis & Financial Planning (F001) - 1 lesson
Upon successful completion of these segments, participants will have a good understanding of the objective of financial statements and the relative tools to analyze the financial statement such as ratio and trend analysis. Also participants will gain knowledge on various financial planning issues.
Organizational Structure & Tax Implications (F020) - 1 lesson
Business owners and managers with an understanding of the various types of organizational structures and related tax implications will be able to manage their company in a more effective and efficient manner.
Personal Finance (F010) - 1 lesson
Upon successful completion of this lesson, participants will develop a good understanding in several areas of personal finance, including RRSPs, Mutual Funds, RESP, Mortgages, Real Estate and Stocks. Personal tax tips and some useful keys to successful investment will be investigated.
Tax Planning (F021) - 2 lessons
Tax Planning for the Independent Owner/Operator
Transition Planning (F011) - 1 lesson
Over seventy-five percent of family-owned businesses in Canada are going to lose their owner due to retirement, disability or death over the next fifteen years. Few of these businesses have a solid plan to prepare for these events. Learning the techniques of Transition Planning will help ensure the smooth and effective management of a successful business after the original owner moves on.
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