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Customer Service Management
Mentor Coach
Applied Coaching Techniques (M004) - 2 lessons
In this module, participants will learn how to identify and analyze the characteristics of coaching success such as listening more effectively, harnessing the power of language and delivering constructive feedback.
Applied Communication Techniques (M002) - 2 lessons
Participants will learn to apply essential knowledge and skills requirements to specific workplace situations of effective communication. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including a variety of effective listening techniques and the use of voice and body language will be stressed.
Applied Human Relations Techniques (M007) - 1 lesson
Good technical skills are important but so are relevant human relations skills. In this course, participants will learn how to apply effective and essential interpersonal skills techniques that are crucial for a workplace environment.
Applied Leadership Techniques (M006) - 1 lesson
Participants will learn what skills and qualities effective leaders possess, how leaders adapt their style to their own workplace environment. With this information, participants will then be able to assess their won leadership strengths, identify areas they would like to improve and determine how they can reflect their company’s values in their daily work.
Applied Mentoring Techniques (M005) - 1 lesson
This course will guide participants in gaining a clearer understanding of what a mentor does. It will provide them with specific techniques and processes that will help them to be an effective mentor. It will also give them opportunities to reflect on how best to apply these techniques in their workplace.
Applied Organizational Techniques (M001) - 3 lessons
Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to apply appropriate organizational techniques in support of the training requirements for the motive power workplace environment.
Applied Personal Development Techniques (M008) - 1 lesson
The goal of this course is to help participants to explore the trends in the motive power service and repair industry and to discover specific learning opportunities for them to access and to improve their knowledge and skills.
Mentor Coach (M003) - 0 lessons
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