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Business Skills Development Workshop (O050) - 2 lessons
This program will take you through a workshop facilitated by John Watt. John brings over 37 years of experience in the automotive industry where in his last 18 years in the business, John was in charge of a national network of Award winning Automotive Service providers. This module focuses on maximizing the technicians’ sold time, finding and selling everything a vehicle needs and tips for creating repeat and referral business from every customer that we service.
Parts Profitability Performance Indicators (O020) - 1 lesson
An overview of managing a Parts Inventory system to provide better service to customers.
Productivity and Profit (O030) - 1 lesson
With facility operating costs continually rising, utilising the repair facilities available human and material resources efficiently, is a must. Availability, utilisation and productivity must work hand in hand in order for a repair facility to be profitable.
Shop Flow Management (O010) - 1 lesson
If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? If people don’t know what they have to do, how will you know if you’re doing what needs to be done? You must organize the day! You need to know where you’re going before you start. This is important not only for managing, but also for members of the team. Everyone in the organization needs to know what results are expected every day. In other words, what are the minimum results and the targets to be reached? This course shows you how to be more efficient and create a system to manage the performance of your shop.
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