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Customer Service Management
Computer Basics (GC020) - 1 lesson
This is the perfect opportunity for individuals to learn how to use a computer and understand its organizational benefits in a comfortable setting. This course focuses on the basic functions of a computer and includes information on terminology and applications. This fundamental look at computer operation is essential for the beginner who eventually wants to use the internet, send email, and install programs at home and at the office.
MSOffice - Word (K100) - 2 lessons
Upon successful completion of this lesson, participants will gain familiarity with the techniques of word processing, including entering and manipulating text, editing work and enhancing a document’s presentation. Step-by-step tutorials will be used to reinforce techniques illustrated.
Online Research (GC021) - 1 lesson
Do you ever get frustrated trying to search for information on the internet? There are some useful searching strategies that help eliminate these frustrations in order to find the most pertinent information as quickly as possible. This course will introduce you to helpful techniques that will save you both time and effort, allowing you to focus on the information you are searching for.
Online Transactions (GC022) - 1 lesson
With the Internet growing in size everyday, more and more organizations are being encouraged to use the Internet to do business. Buying and selling products online provides an easy and cheap method for companies to do business. This course focuses on the concepts behind performing online transactions. Participants can expect to understand the basic process of buying and selling online, as well as how to setup accounts with popular services provided by eBay and PayPal. Additionally, participants will gain a solid understanding of the risks involved with performing online transactions, and what can be done to minimize and avoid these risks.
Search Engine Optimization (GC031) - 1 lesson
Now more than ever, potential customers are resorting to the web and search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, to find information about businesses. This course will explore search engine optimization (SEO) which illustrates methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings. This is very beneficial to businesses that would like to draw more attention to their site from prospective customers and more effectively target the right people.
Web Site Planning / Evaluation (GC030) - 1 lesson
Consumers are expressing a growing demand for business information on the Internet. This is the perfect opportunity for a collision repair facility to gain the confidence and understanding needed to start conducting business online or to optimize current e-business initiatives. This course focuses on understanding what makes an effective website, deciding how to implement the website, and making informed decisions about the costs associated with websites.
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