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Air Conditioning Lessons
Air Conditioning Principles of Operation (A011) - 1 lesson
This course covers the fundamental refrigeration principles that apply to nearly all systems. Since AC system parts often need to be removed in order to complete other vehicle repairs, technicians who do not regularly service AC systems will benefit from knowing the theory behind them. Participants who successfully complete this course will know how to prevent injuries and avoid damaging vehicles or components while servicing customer vehicles.
Air Conditioning System Noise: Diagnosis and Repair (A030) - 1 lesson
In this lesson, we will be covering the diagnosis and repair of a vehicle's heating and air conditioning system exhibiting a noise concern. We will discuss the basic theory and operation of an air conditioning system and the functions of its individual components. Throughout the demonstrations, we will highlight diagnosing an air conditioning system using a variety of equipment, including as a refrigerant identifier tool, halogen leak detector and an A/C recovery and recharging machine. For training purposes, we will also be using some equipment that is not commonly found in an air conditioning repair facility, such as wireless chassis ears and a digital vacuum gauge.
Air Conditioning System Operation (A012) - 2 lessons
This course will introduce several AC components and demonstrate diagnostic procedures in a practical and useful way. Understanding the complete system electronics and pressures will help technicians diagnose and repair problems as quickly as possible without damaging expensive vehicle components.
Air Conditioning System Performance: Diagnosis and Repair (A029) - 1 lesson
Diagnosing an inefficient air conditioning system can present some unique problems. This lesson focuses on the diagnosis and repair of an air conditioning systems that are not efficiently cooling the passenger compartment of the vehicle. We will be discuss the basic theory and operation of an air conditioning system and the functions of the individual components throughout the lesson.
Alternative Refrigerants (A015) - 1 lesson
Incorrectly retrofitting or converting a vehicle’s air conditioning system may damage shop equipment or even cause injuries. Participants will learn correct and approved techniques to minimize the chances of problems and maximize efficiency. Participants should also be able to identify system contents using shop tools and resources.
Asian HVAC System (A205) - 1 lesson
This course will deal with the description, operation and testing of the various sensors and actuators for automatic and manually controlled import HVAC systems. We will demonstrate the use of the on-board diagnostic systems. This course will also deal with the proper operation of A/C system components along with performing diagnostics for A/C performance issues.
CFC/HCFC/HFC Control in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry (CFC) - 0 lessons
CFC/HCFC/HFC Control in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry - Module 1
HVAC Systems (A020) - 3 lessons
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to understand Automatic Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning climate control systems. They should also be able to diagnose and successfully repair electronic automatic climate control systems and understand common problems with automatic HVAC systems.
R1234yf Refrigerant (A040) - 1 lesson
This course will cover the introduction of R-1234yf as a refrigerant in the air conditioning system of modern vehicles. Why has R-1234yf been adopted over the familiar R-134a, and how this will affect air conditioning service routines? There are new components, service procedures and tools that need to be addressed to safely service an A/C system equipped with R-1234yf.
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