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Chassis Electrical Lessons
All Wheel Drive (C056) - 1 lesson
This course will cover All Wheel Drive (AWD) systems found on many cars and small SUVs. It will discuss the system purpose and operation, as well as how it interacts with other systems found on the vehicle, such as stability control. Participants will be shown how to diagnose and repair the systems.
Automatic Four Wheel Drive (C055) - 2 lessons
Automatic 4WD/AWD systems are becoming common on cars and light trucks. Understanding the systems, knowing the similarities and differences, and knowing the maintenance requirements are essential to proper service and successful repairs.
Automatic Transmission On-Vehicle Diagnosis (C052) - 1 lesson
Many transmission repairs do not need the entire assembly to be removed from the vehicle. With the addition of computer control and integrated internal electronic sensors and actuators, the control of a modern transmission is very much like the control of a modern engine, braking system or steering system. Transmission diagnosis and repair can lead to increased customer retention and improve shop productivity.

Upon successful completion of this lesson, participants will be able to confidently diagnose most automatic transmission concerns to accurately determine the source of the problem. This diagnosis can then lead to successful repair improving shop productivity.

CVT and Advanced Automatic Transmissions (C051) - 1 lesson
This course will cover operation, diagnosis and on vehicle repair of CVT and advanced automatic transmission systems. The course will also highlight normal system operation when compared to a conventional transmission. On vehicle repairs can be performed without subletting to a transmission shop.
In-Car Diagnostics (C050) - 1 lesson
We will identify the different Automatic Transmission Fluids used, explain electronic control systems used in automatic transmission and how to diagnose them.
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