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Engine Electrical Lessons
Batteries (U023) - 1 lesson
Upon successful completion of this segment, participants will be able to identify and explain the construction, rating, and operation of the various types of batteries. In addition, the technicians will be able to accurately and safely diagnose, service, charge, and boost a battery.
Computer Control Components (U090) - 3 lessons
Technicians who are familiar with electrical principles and diagnostic equipment but have limited experience diagnosing electronic sensors will benefit from this course—which emphasizes practical applications and diagnostic techniques from expert technicians. We’ll cover diagnosing problems with electronic sensors: where to start, how to be sure and how to be safe.
Computer Controlled Starting and Charging Systems (U024) - 1 lesson
This course will cover operation, diagnosis and repair aspects related to vehicles equipped with computer controlled starting and charging systems. This course will discuss the benefits of regulated voltage control, system diagnosis, identification and repairs. Integrated and stand alone systems will be highlighted, as well as the various modes of system operation. The charging and testing of AGM batteries will also be covered.
Computerized Charging Systems (U025) - 1 lesson
In this lesson, we will be illustrating computerized charging systems, specifically highlighting Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Hyundai computer controlled charging systems, including the various modes of system operation. This lesson will demonstrate testing conventional and AGM batteries, along with diagnosis and repair of vehicles equipped with computer controlled charging systems. We will discuss charging system trouble code diagnosis, identification and repairs.
Electronic Charging Systems (U022) - 1 lesson
This course will introduce technicians to various charging systems used by computerized engine control systems along with their diagnostic procedures.
Electronic Returnless Fuel Systems (U095) - 1 lesson
Upon completion of this segment and with sufficient “hand-on” practice, participants should understand Electronic Returnless fuel systems. Participants will also be able to service these systems without causing damage or injuries.
Engine Control Electronics (U001) - 2 lessons
Introduces the automotive technician to the electronic fundamentals used in EFI. Applies the electronic fundamentals to the diagnostic procedures performed on EFI systems.
Honda Computerized Charging Systems (U240) - 1 lesson
In this lesson we will be covering the operation of the Honda Computerized Charging System. We will also be discussing the basic theory and operation of the charging system and the functions of the individual components throughout the lesson. During the demonstrations we will be showing how all the related components interact with each other to maintain proper battery voltage for optimal vehicle performance, fuel economy and lower emissions.
Idle Start-Stop Technologies (U100) - 1 lesson
The Stop-Start system is used to improve fuel efficiency in stop-and-go driving. Turning off the engine under appropriate conditions at a traffic light helps reduce tailpipe emissions and save fuel that would otherwise be wasted idling the engine. When a driver comes to a red light, the engine shuts down while other components continue to run, including the air conditioning system, power steering, brakes and sound system.

The starter motor is upgraded with a high-performance electric motor and a stronger pinion engagement mechanism with reduced noise levels to support the increased number of engine starts. A sensor connected to the battery continually monitors the State of Charge and battery health. The Engine Control Module (ECM) uses this information to calculate if the battery conditions are sufficient for Stop-Start operation.

Start-Stop is a shared strategy among many modules using status information to determine what happens at the next stoplight. Since 2015, almost every major automaker has offered one or more models with idle Start-Stop control. For the technician, this adoption means that serial data communication bus and electrical diagnostics will be much more critical in the future.

Maximizing Your Snap-on Scan Tool and Scope Usage (CARS-Snapon) - 1 lesson
CARS OnDemand presents "Maximizing Your Snap-on Scan Tool and Scope Usage", hosted by Will Carcone and Dom Sgambelluri, with special guest National Account Manager Grant Ford from Snap-on.

During this presentation, we will be using the Snap-on Verus Edge to perform a number of tests to diagnose High Speed CAN communication and engine misfire issues, including current ramping the ignition coil and the injector coil and analyzing a secondary ignition coil pattern. We will perform a relative compression test using the amp clamp and a cylinder compression test using a pressure transducer to determine cylinder faults and engine timing issues.

This is an archive of the February 15, 2017 Live Presentation.

No Start Diagnosis (U030) - 2 lessons
With the combination of multiple modules and systems working together to allow today’s vehicles to start, isolating the source of a no-crank is becoming increasingly difficult. This course will address no-crank/no-start diagnosis on various makes of vehicle. The course will cover a variety of conditions that can cause no-crank/no-start issues, including theft deterrent systems, module communications and electrical diagnosis of the starting systems, using a step by step approach.
On-Board Diagnostics Generation II (U013) - 3 lessons
Technicians will be introduced to legislated changes to onboard diagnostics systems and the new misfire and catalyst efficiency monitor. Provides an in-depth detailed examination of OBD II operation and full testing procedures.
Remote Starters (U028) - 1 lesson
This course will cover the operation, description and repair aspects related to vehicles equipped with factory installed remote starters and keyless ignition and access systems. The course will also cover the programming of the remote keyless transmitters and system inhibits for each manufacturer. Upon successful completion of this lesson, participants will be able to identify and diagnose system faults for vehicles equipped with factory installed remote starters and keyless ignition and access systems.
Scan Tool Usage (U014) - 5 lessons
Technicians will be introduced to common scan tools: how to use them effectively without causing damage, how to install them and what to do if they aren’t working. Scan tools are an essential part of most vehicle repair jobs. This course will show you the basics in a practical, useful way.
Starter Motors (U021) - 1 lesson
This course will introduce technicians to various starter motor designs, electrical principles of starter and solenoid operations and their diagnostic procedures.
Underhood Diagnostics (U005) - 1 lesson
This course introduces the technician to the importance of a complete diagnostic approach and how to conduct it.
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