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Rim and Tire Lessons
Balancing and Vibration Diagnosis (TR060) - 1 lesson
As vehicles have become lighter and are constructed with new materials, vibration complaints have increased. For many years vibration diagnosis has been a hit or miss repair. By understanding a few vibration concepts instead of being a frustrating repair with a lot of guesswork, vibration diagnosis can be made into an exact science.
Rim Fitment (TR110) - 1 lesson
Rim and tire upgrades are popular aftermarket appearance and handling enhancements. Proper fitment and selection of these components is essential to maintain satisfactory handling characteristics and happy clients. This course will explain how to properly select rim and tire sizes to ensure that safe vehicle operation is not jeopardized.
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems(TPMS) (TR020) - 1 lesson
Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) are designed to save lives by reducing the chance of an unexpected tire blow out. Without proper knowledge and training, these systems can give a service department unwanted concerns. This course will explain how many of the systems work; how to confidently diagnose them as well as avoiding component damage during service work.
Tires and Rims (TR001) - 4 lessons
This course will provide service technicians with a sound working knowledge of the recommended procedures for proper tire demounting/mounting along with tire repairs, helping to ensure that participants be able to perform safe and timely tire installations/repairs in the workplace.
Winter Tires - Assembly and Accessories (TR105) - 1 lesson
While all-season tires operate well for three seasons, in the snow belt areas of Canada and the United States, winter tires are almost a necessity. Proper selection and fitment of winter tires is essential in order to maintain good traction and handling during the winter season. This course will explain how winter tires operate, highlighting tire studding and correct tire storage.
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