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Truck Electrical Accessories Lessons
Accessory Lighting (TA025) - 1 lesson
This lesson discusses the most common locations for installation of exterior lighting. We will talk about the wiring routing and gauge size of the wires most frequently used, as well as the optimum choices of routing the new fabricated wiring harnesses. Demonstrations will be made to show the most efficient methods of diagnosing individual lamp malfunction and multi-lamp malfunction. Finally a brief overview will be made regarding aftermarket fog lamp systems and the optimum method of wiring into factory systems and not interfere with computer controlled devices.
Electrical Accessories (TA030) - 2 lessons
This course will explore the functionality of some of the electrical accessories found in today’s light and medium duty trucks. We will discuss how they work, receive their inputs, including data communication within a multi-module computer system that can be found in virtually every vehicle built today. We will also examine how a typical wiring failure would affect these components and demonstrate how to diagnose and thus repair this type of fault.
Electrical Diagnosis (TA005) - 1 lesson
This course will deal with the electrical systems found on light and medium duty trucks. The course will apply Ohms law to series, parallel and series parallel circuits as well as cover the operating principles of diodes, transistors and integrated circuits.
Gauge Diagnosis (TA002) - 1 lesson
This course will discuss three types of gauges commonly found in light and medium duty trucks. We will show how they receive their inputs and the many different factors that can occur in their failures. We will also show possible paths to follow in diagnosing common failures that can be found in today’s vehicles.
Single and Dual Charging Systems (TA001) - 1 lesson
This module discusses the different applications and designs of truck charging systems. A description and demonstration of the methods of performance including diagnosis concerns and possible customer’s complaints will be presented. The charging system is one of the primary operating features of today’s vehicles and requires on-going training to effectively maintain a vehicle’s ability to remain reliable in the workforce.
Supplemental Restraint Systems (TA035) - 1 lesson
This course will provide a sound understanding of operation and safety related aspects relevant to Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) and occupant protection systems from a perspective of those servicing vehicles. As well, this course will equip the participant with the ability to perform diagnosis and repair of such systems confidently and effectively.
Vehicle Computer Systems and Programming (TA040) - 1 lesson
This diagnostic course will cover the description, operation, diagnosis and repair of the on-board computer network found in today’s vehicles. The course will cover the diagnosis, replacement and programming of the various control modules used for emissions, antilock brakes and stability control.
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